March 2016

Joel Salatin

Thinking more about our role as Christian farmers & looking around the net, we came across Joel Salatin who describes himself as a “Christian-conservative-libertarian-environmentalist-lunatic-farmer.” Well, he pretty much had us there, so we wanted to find out more. What we found is this article from The Red Carpet. His words say a lot & much of […]

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Happy Easter!

All of us at Makanalani wish a glorious Easter to you & yours. May you be well & happy on this wonderful day of the risen Christ. We hope that you have the day to enjoy your family & friends & to get together with your congregation to celebrate this miracle together. On this day,

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Holy Saturday

We are approaching what is, perhaps, the most glorious day of the year… Just one day away. Of course, if you have keiki, you are probably dying Easter eggs, gathering baskets, wrapping chocolate & buying plush bunnies. We love Easter & everything that goes with it. It’s such fun to see the kids out playing,

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Good Friday

It was the saddest of days, but also, in some ways the best, all those many years ago when Jesus went to the cross of us. We know His suffering, but we also know that through Him is our redemption & our eternal reward in heaven. There, alone on that cross, He took upon himself

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Holy Week

Now that is almost the end of Lent & leading up to Easter, we have been contemplating the holiday, perhaps the most holy of all. Christmas is, of course, the birth of Jesus & the beginning of the story of His sacrifice for our salvation, but it all comes together & the promise kept on Easter.

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