July 2016

God & Nature

As part of our sharing on this blog, we often share quotations that we find inspirational & useful for meditation & prayer. Today our subject is nature & all the glory of God’s creation. The parallel between nature and Scripture is so complete, We must necessarily believe that the person Who is asking questions of […]

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Summer Visitors

We’ve been busy! It’s summer time on the farm & we have been hosting many youth groups from across the islands. This week we have a local church group from Kauai & earlier we had Young Life Oahu & Ku A’e Hou also from Oahu. Young Life even built a traditional imu while they were here.

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Summer Sunday

Living as Christians, we are, of course, under the New Covenant, but there is both much wisdom & much beautiful poetry in the Old Testament. On this, we will admit, lazy summer Sunday, we reviews the Proverbs of Solomon & found much to contemplate about our place in this world, material possessions & helping others.

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