September 2016

Kauai Children’s Television Network

Here at Makanalani we love art. Living among such beauty in nature it’s impossible not to feel inspired to create works to glorify God’s creation. That’s why we’re excited about the new children’s TV shows coming up on Oceanic Channel 6. Storybook Theatre has partnered with musician Mel Bell-Gray and artist Patrick Ching to bring local based and inspirational …

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Music from Kauai Christian Fellowship

We found this video of live music at Kauai Christian Fellowship from 2009… Yes, it’s old, but we thought it was both fun & inspiring & one of the great things about the internet is that older videos like this can reach new audiences. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.  

Nature Music

We’ve been writing a bit about music lately… so today we wanted to bring those subjects together with relaxing musical suggestions to ease you through your busy day. A little while ago we shared piano music from Okanokumo. Today we would like to share another recording from the same source, specifically designed for relaxation. It’s …

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Birth of a Family – Made on Kauai Documentary

Storybook Theatre have made a documentary called “Birth of a Family.” This 50minute long video is about the early learning and development of children from their conception through the ‘4th trimester’ of their new life. Through interviews, photographs and dramatic sequences, important knowledge and wisdom for families and caretakers about the choices that are made …

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