For as long as we are able, and with the Lord’s blessing, we will make this haven available to children in need. We are here to help, to support and, humbly, to inspire. Our desire is to bless the community around us and play a role in local sustainability. In order to do this, we have added various farm animals, partnered with local farmers, and planted a variety of crops to help us accomplish our goal.


We have partnered with an experienced dairy farmer to provide 100% Grass-fed Organic Fresh milk to the community of Kauai through a local herd share program. Our beautiful Jersey cows graze some of the most nutrient dense pastures on the North Shore of the island, yielding delicious and nutritious milk. 


On the property, we have two citrus groves filled with lemons, limes, grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, and guavas! When we first opened Makanalani, our intention was to be solely dependent on our sheep farming and citrus sales to keep up with business expenses. While that plan did not work out, and although we subsequently launched various business ventures to help support our growing costs, we have also continued to expand our farm-fresh produce by planting avocado trees, soursop, cacao, custard apples, jackfruit, and more!


With a love for God’s creation and holistic health, we sustainably farm at Makanalani. We produce botanical superfood tea powders made from herbs in our tea garden that are hand picked and solar dehydrated. Our team plants, picks, and processes all the powdered teas by hand. Sold under the brand name Naikela, the teas are available for purchase locally and  online.


Talk about sticky business! Our 130-acre property is every honeybee’s wonderland. With hundreds of fruit trees, tropical flowers, and native trees, our bees produce some of the most flavorful honey on the island! We have over 20 hives that we maintain and harvest in partnership with a local beekeeper. Besides selling the raw unfiltered honey, we make several flavors of creamed honey and infused honey.

Farm Products

One of our business ventures includes our very own product line: Seasoned with Aloha. Under this brand, we are producing jams, preserves, chocolates, cheeses, creamed honey, and various other products made with produce grown right on our farm. We produce and package it all ourselves with the help of our interns.

Donkeys & Sheep

The guest favorite at Makanalani is by far our beloved miniature donkeys. These friendly creatures were shipped all the way from Indiana, and love getting hugs and treats from our guests! Our sheep flocks have been trimmed down to about 100 animals from close to 300, and are best seen when snow white lambs are scattered through the flock. The grass-fed flocks roam pastures which overlook some of the most spectacular mountain views.


One hundred percent of your donation will go directly to keep Makanalani open and cover the camp expenses. Mahalo!