Good Friday

It was the saddest of days, but also, in some ways the best, all those many years ago when Jesus went to the cross of us. We know His suffering, but we also know that through Him is our redemption & our eternal reward in heaven.

There, alone on that cross, He took upon himself all of our sins for all time. There, on that lonely cross, He suffered & died, only to be reborn to us all. It may seem, it certainly must have seemed to those watching at the time, to be the triumph of evil, but God knew his plan & knew the unwavering faith of his son who offered himself as sacrifice. It was, rather than a victory for evil, the beginning of that which would save man from sin & free the world from bondage.

We recently read this by Justin Holcomb which we think sums up the day beautifully:

“Good Friday marks the day when wrath and mercy met at the cross. That’s why Good Friday is so dark and so Good.”

So, on this Good Friday, pause & remember the great gift you have been given. The greatest gift of all & directly from God to you. The gift of eternal life & the joy of knowing Jesus in your heart.

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