Holy Saturday

We are approaching what is, perhaps, the most glorious day of the year… Just one day away.

Of course, if you have keiki, you are probably dying Easter eggs, gathering baskets, wrapping chocolate & buying plush bunnies. We love Easter & everything that goes with it. It’s such fun to see the kids out playing, enjoying the Spring weather & each other. And the colors of Easter — don’t they just capture the season perfectly?

Of course, even if you don’t have children, you are probably looking through your closet & deciding on the very best thing to wear to Easter services tomorrow to honor Our Lord. Dressing up is another Easter tradition that we adore, even if on Kauai it may mean just putting on fresh lei & making sure our slippers match. Still, there is something electric in the air on the build up to Easter, an excitement that can’t be denied, whatever your age.

And, of course, there’s Easter baking. We love to bake using the free ingredients of our island. We thought that you might enjoy this adorable recipe from all recipes.com. And, of course you’ll want to use fresh Kauai coconut to make those luscious macaroons.


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