Christian Farming

We’re pretty much always thinking about two things: First, of course, always in our thoughts & our hearts is Jesus, but second in farming. When you run a farm, it’s not just a job, it’s a life. There is never a time when you’re really off work & you can get called out at any time of the day or night to deal with a problem small or large. Still, it is the life we love.

We decided to look & see if we could find out more about other Christian farmers & came across this wonderful site called Redeeming the Dirt.

From their website about the book Born Again Dirt by Noah Sanders:

“Do you desire to glorify God through the way you farm? Are you tired of reading books on farming that deny God as Creator? Have you ever wondered what agriculture would look like if it was based on the Bible, instead of evolution, Mother Nature, or the latest and greatest manipulative science?

“Born Again Dirt is a book written for Christian farmers (or Christians that grow anything) and seeks to give them a Biblical vision for agriculture. This book contends that the way we farm is not unrelated to our relationship with God. Rather, it should be a reflection of it! ”

This is exactly how we feel. Ever bit of our farm from the tiniest bug to the largest tree is, we know, a gift from Our Creator & to be respected as such.

So, whether your a farmer like us, or just enjoy working in your own garden at home, let’s remember to redeem the dirt & alway remember where the earth that supplies our every need comes from.

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