Last Week at a Glance… Citrus Deliveries, Makanalani’s Internship Directors, & Randy the Ram

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Fall is citrus season here on Kauai, and in the last two months we have picked, cleaned, weighed, and delivered over 4,000 pounds of fruit! We sell these lemons, limes, grapefruit, and oranges to several restaurants on the island, which helps to further the mission of Makanalani. Who knew fruit could be such a blessing?!

This week I’d like to introduce you to the program directors behind the Makanalani internship, Chris and Rachel Holohan. They are the cutest ginger family! They are so special and they play such an important role for Makanalani. Their heart for service is incredible & they live and breathe their ministry everyday. They teach us so much about what it means to serve wholeheartedly, live together in community, and give us tools to grow closer to the Lord in our daily lives. Here’s a little interview about how they came to Kauai and how much of a blessing it has been for them!

1. How did you first get involved with Makanalani? “2 years ago, our daughter, Kinley (5) started praying out of the blue that we would move to Hawaii. So we called up a friend of ours living on the island to see what he thought of the island life. We had been working at a large youth camp for many years, and our friend told us about Eric and Makanalani. We got connected with Eric and Lyn, spoke back and forth for many months, and then moved to the island in the summer of 2017 to join the Makanalani Ohana.”

2. What has been one of the most rewarding parts about what you do in Kauai? “There are so many answers we could give to this question! The most rewarding is seeing the beauty of the Kid’s House, feeling the peace that is always present there, and knowing that kids get to come and experience God’s love for them in such a special and unique way. It’s incredible! Another would have to be seeing the Makanalani Internship Program evolve and grow in such a short time. Two of our interns recently got married, and so many of our intern ohana showed up, some from different sessions, different states, etc…to see them come together and celebrate, and meet other interns from different sessions, is so awesome!”

3. What has been one of the most challenging? “There is so much work to be done here in order to ensure the sustainability of Makanalani. There are not enough hours in the day sometimes! But we trust that God will provide the resources that are needed, and it’s so worth the hard work to hear of kid’s lives being changed.”

4. What is the Lord currently teaching your family? “We believe He is trying to teach us to find rest in Him, but I’m not sure we are the best students. We do our best to juggle work and family, and we are learning slowly how to do that here. But thankfully the Lord is so patient with us, and He is so faithful!”

5. If you could pick one word to describe this past year, what would it be and why? “Wow! To look back and see all that has happened this past year, it’s incredible…3 businesses were opened, as well as our first full year of the internship program, maintaining existing businesses, farm, and most importantly the Kid’s House. Our kids have grown so much as well! Our oldest is in third grade, middle is in first grade, and our youngest in preschool. They’ve been learning so many different things, from multiplication to tying shoes, baseball and basketball, just learning to swim, or for the girls how to snorkel and boogie board. It’s been amazing, so definitely WOW!”

Randy the Ram has been a huge hit all over social media and so I wanted to share the story behind this little guy and give you more pictures to enjoy since he is so stinking adorable! Randy was brought home to the intern house from the farm on Thanksgiving day after being born just a few days prior. Often, while the sheep are being herded, those that are smaller and weaker can get run over by the bigger sheep, and this happened to this little guy. He got abandoned by his momma sheep and developed an infection under his arm. If he had any chance of survival then we had to care for him ourselves. We’ve been cleaning his wound, and made him his own little cone out of solo cups so the wound can heal. We’ve been bottle feeding him formula, made a pen out of surfboards, and take him out for walks around the front yard; spoiled to say the least. BUT what I love about this is he went from probably not going to make it to being full of life. His wound is healing, he’s gaining weight, and he’s super spunky. Not long now until he is back in the pasture with the others!

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