Last Week at a Glance… Makanalani Fall Break Kids Camp & Intern of the Week!

Last Week at a Glance…
Makanalani Fall Break Kids Camp & Intern of the Week!

Aloha! Last week Makanalani hosted students from Lihue Missionary Church, Kapaa Missionary Church, and Kalaheo Missionary Church. Makanalani means “gift from heaven.” That home is represented as a home of excellence and beauty, as reflected in the structure and surrounding nature. We strive to show the students that this camp truly is just that; heavenly. Camp is a place away from the distractions at home; it’s an opportunity to be fully immersed in the Lord’s creation. It’s a life changing atmosphere of like-minded people in constant fellowship that are learning and growing in the Lord, together. All of us interns had a blast being with the students and being with them gave us tangible takeaway moments and memories to remind us why we’re committed to serving at Makanalani and why it’s so important. This week’s camp had worship, bible teachings, beach fun, lots of food, and a massive slip n’ slide. We fervently prayed for seeds to be planted in these kiddos so that the Lord can grow their faith. One of the church leaders, Logan, shared with us his thoughts on Makanalani. He said, “This camp is awesome. Lyn and Eric truly pour their heart and soul into this place, and you see and feel that in the atmosphere of Makanalani.” Enjoy the photos from all of last week’s adventures!

Here I am again to introduce you to another intern! This week we have Emily; A recent Oregon State graduate from Washington. She served in the second half of the last session and loved it so much she decided to join us again for 3 more months. Since she is a returning intern, she got the opportunity to be part of the Alaka’i leadership team. Alaka’i represents the nature of taking upon the responsibilities and attitude of a servant leader. Her role on this team is to lead by example, promote the well-being and growth of others, as well as maintain confidence in decisions being made and carrying out a genuine care for those under her leadership. She is an excellent fit for this role and has shown so much grace and love towards us. We’re blessed to have her to serve with!

1. Can you give us a brief summary about how you found out about the internship? “A West Coast legend, Gabe Rocha, told my mom about the internship one day. I was a student at Oregon State about to graduate and figure out what was next for my life. I knew I wanted to get involved in missions work but I didn’t know where. I prayed for God to open a door either to YWAM or wherever He wanted me and not even an hour later my mom called to tell me about Makanalani. After hearing what this internship was all about I knew that’s where God had chosen for me to go.”

2. What has God been teaching you since you’ve arrived? “To really just live in the moment. I’ve been too caught up worrying about the future and thinking “One day when I have ___ figured out and ___ career THEN I’ll be a real disciple.’ But really, God can and IS using me right this moment. The people he’s placed in my life for even the smallest interactions is an opportunity to show the love and light of Jesus. It’s all we’re really called to do.”

3. What has been one of your favorite things so far about the internship and the island? “My favorite part of the internship is the work we do. I never thought in a million years I’d be herding sheep, harvesting tea, or picking lemons and limes looking out on the beautiful mountains of Kauai. The island has so much spontaneity! One minute you plan on getting ready for bed and the next you decide to head to the beach for a bonfire and star gazing. You can take a drive to the coast after church or even find yourself cliff jumping. So many possibilities!”

4. What has been the most challenging yet rewarding? “Honestly waking up at 6:30 to read my bible everyday. I used to be so undisciplined reading my bible daily let alone waking up before 9 or 10. It’s been so good though. It’s been amazing to have time intentionally set aside to be in the Word. I love starting every day with God learning how to live my best life for Him. I’ve seen more sunrises in the past couple of months than I have in my whole life and that’s been so neat. 10/10 would recommend.”

5. What would be your advice to someone interested in applying? “Do it!!! This is such a great growing experience, especially spiritually. The program is really set up to where you’re constantly being poured into as much as you’re pouring out into the community through serving. Plus, you get to live in Kauai for 3 months so that’s definitely a bonus.”


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