Elizabeth, Mother of John the Baptist

There is something particularly touching about the mothers of the Bible. One of those we don’t often think much about is Elizabeth, the mother of John the Baptist. Her name, adopted through history by queens, is Eli-sheba in Hebrew & means “God’s promise” — appropriate for such a significant figure.

In Luke we find that Elizabeth is a respected wife of the priest Zachariah. She is an older woman married to an equally elderly man & they are childless. They had no doubt given up all hope that their marriage would be blessed when to everyone’s amazement she became pregnant with a child who would become John the Baptist.

While she was pregnant, she gave shelter to her young cousin, Mary of Nazareth who was also unexpectedly pregnant, in that case, of course, pregnant with Our Lord. The two women immediately recognize that their children will be an extraordinary part of God’s plan for humanity.

How appropriate that these two women would be both relatives & friends & how wonderful that they were given each other to share their burdens & their blessings.

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