Santa’s Favorite Story

Just a bit more on Santa, that much loved & much maligned character.

When we were looking into how Christians feel about the jolly old fellow, we can across this charming book: Santa’s Favorite Story: Santa Tells the Story of the First Christmas by Hisako Aoki with sweet illustrations by Ivan Gantschev.

If you’re looking for some bedtime reading for your little ones as the season of excitement approaches, & if you want them to understand more about the Christmas Story, this is a book worth getting.

The story expresses the real meaning of the Christmas Season & will help children understand how the myth of Santa fits with the truth of Jesus Christ. It’s for young children & may be a help in easing some of the confusion they can feel in the season.

One sweet section has Santa telling the animals that Christmas would come whether Santa was there or not, because Santa is not the reason we celebrate the season.

A wonderful Thanksgiving gift & a book that will be brought out year after year as new generations learn about the true meaning of Christmas.

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