Makanalani Kids Spring 2023 Newsletter

Hello Spring! The farm is bursting with new life and fresh blooms. We're having some fun with all the extra rain and making lots of fun progress on projects!

New JoJo's Flavors!

If you’re familiar with our JoJo’s menu you’d know that we haven’t changed the menu much within the last 10 years or so…until now! Introducing our new Guava Drizzle, JoJo’s Sundaes, and our new and improved Li Hing Mui combo! If you’re in the area, you need to come try them out!

We Went on a Trip.. A Field Trip!

There’s few things cuter than watching little keiki experience farm animals for the first time. We recently had a group of toddlers and their mamas visit our farm for a day with the animals and it was the cutest sight you ever saw. Watching their faces light up with joy when they get to pet their first mini donkey or see the little lambs in the pastures is just the best. Having these animals on our farm blesses us in more ways than we ever imagined. We love getting to make such special memories for all these little kiddos and hope these new experiences plant a seed for them to grow up loving God’s creation!

A Starry Night on the Farm

One of the (many) perks of living on this remote island is the lack of city light that allows the stars to shine as bright as can be! Rarely do we get to take the time to go out and gaze at the beautiful stars, so, when the weather allows, we offer our guests the chance to take a night hike around the property. The kids love strapping on some glowsticks and adventuring out into the wilderness with their flashlights! We lead them through a fun twisty path through the pastures, the jungle, and secret little forests throughout the property. The kids, their leaders, and our interns always have so much fun, this is a tradition we hope to always be able to offer!

The Finish Line

We’re almost there!! We can’t believe we’re saying this, but we can actually see the end in sight for our staff housing! This project has taken much longer than we had hoped for, but we’re breathing a big sigh of relief to see so much progress being made! We hope this home is a big blessing to our team who works so hard to keep Makanalani running. Hopefully by the next newsletter it will be fully complete!

Intern "Fun"

Every internship session is filled with countless new and fun memories for our interns. One of our goals for the internship is that each intern gets to learn something they would never have the opportunity to experience anywhere else. Pictured above is our lovely intern Zoe who, we’re guessing, has never gotten to drive a vehicle this deep in the mud before.  Nothing like some new experiences to build a little character and give us a little laugh, right? 

A Donkey is Born!

We couldn’t imagine a more perfect gift for Palm Sunday than a new baby donkey! We are pleased to welcome the newest member to our donkey tribe, born at the end of March, just in time to serve as the perfect reminder of Jesus riding in on the donkey on Palm Sunday! Still thinking of some names, but Hosanna seems to be quite fitting for this little gal.

That’s all for now! We are so very thankful for all your support and continued generosity. We would not be here without you! If you feel led to give or want to find out about how you can get involved click here.

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