Makanalani Kids March 2022 Newsletter

Where do we even begin?! March was an amazing month for us at Makanalani! We officially launched a few projects we've been working on for awhile and, of course, hosted Spring Break at the Kids House!

Introducing, Our New Website!

Clearly, you found our new site! Welcome! We can’t even begin to explain how excited we are to finally have a brand new, not to mention beautiful, website! We’ve dreamt about this day for many many months. Our hope is to make our little corner of the internet a place where you can stay up to date with all things Makanalani and get involved with our mission to provide free camps for kiddos! Here you will find all of our ongoing fundraisers, monthly newsletters, and find out about new opportunities to join our ohana! Don’t run off too soon, stay awhile and peruse the site, you might learn something new you didn’t know about us before!

March Groups!

Girls Posing with Umbrellas in the Pastures

This March brought us some cute kids groups, a men’s retreat, and another amazing women’s retreat! If you missed it on social media, Kauai Christian Academy came up for a farm tour on probably one of the rainiest days we’ve had all year! Perfect timing as always. The kids were troopers and we could not have done it without our awesome interns! After jumping through all the puddles, feeding some sopping wet donkeys, and getting absolutely soaked from head to toe, we headed to the Kids House to enjoy a nice (dry) lunch and games led by the interns! All things considered, we’d call it a very successful day.

March also brought us Spring Break! We had a few returning kids groups come to stay at the house and, as always, they had an absolute blast getting to venture around the property, play up at the field and hang out at the new picnic tables we installed!

Last but not least, the men’s and women’s retreats were a beautiful thing to witness. There is something special about getting to watch adults come together to escape the everyday routines and stresses of life and just focus on their walk with God. We heard nothing but praise reports from the attendees and we are so grateful we were able to provide a free place for them to stay!

(Fund)Raising the Roof!

Rust… the absolute bane of your existence if you live anywhere humid (*insert eye roll*). Unfortunately our roof has started rusting all around the perimeter of the house and we need to get it fully repainted ASAP in order to prevent further damage and spread. It will cost us $28,000 to get it sanded down and fully repainted before our busy Summer season starts! We know it may not be the most fun and exciting fundraiser to date, but sometimes the most practical things in life aren’t very fun. We really need some help to get this project done soon! If you are able, please consider giving to our fundraiser to get this roof painted! Every dollar counts!

Another Site Launch!

If you’ve been following along with our newsletters you may be familiar with our farm to table product brand called Seasoned with Aloha. If not, now is the perfect time to find out more about it since we just launched our brand new website! Browse through our homemade jams, curds, creamed honeys, and more and find out about the mission behind this new product line! We’re not selling online just yet but stay tuned for updates on new products and an online shop launch date!

Visit Seasoned with Aloha!

Check out the new site and all of our yummy products!

That’s all for this month! Remember to sign up for our monthly newsletter so you can get alerts on when new blog posts are up! As always, thank you for all your support! We appreciate you being here. If you feel led to give or want to find out about how you can get involved click here.

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