Wow. This summer was amazing for Makanalani and God’s Kingdom. Each group that stepped foot on the property experienced God’s love, friendship, and goodness on whole new levels. Many faced their fears, tried things for the first time, and got to spend much needed quality time with friends and mentors.

A group of VIP’s from ABLE Ministries was one of the highlights from this summer. ABLE Ministries focuses on the disabled community on Kauai. They have incredible volunteers that give their time, energy, and money to making sure that this community feels extra valued, cared for, and loved, just like their heavenly Father values, cares for, and loves them.

This years camp especially had some highlights. A couple attendees were wheelchair bound, or had to use a walker, but this didn’t stop them from participating in the activities for the day. They ALL conquered the slip-n-slide. It was incredible to witness. Volunteers cruised down the slide supporting them the entire way, and a farm buggie was used to transport them back to the top to continue in the fun for the day.

It was amazing to see how simple-minded many of these VIP’s were, as that reminds us how God wants us to remain child-like in our faith, to not over think things, and to sing, dance, and have fun all for His glory everyday. We want to thank ABLE Ministries again for the amazing work that they do for this community and for allowing us to host them on this very special camp day this summer!!

Our Mission: Giving children the seeds for growth as they experience the beauty of God’s creation and love.

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