What’s New… ​Kanuikapono 3rd Graders, Interns of the Week, & Kahili Adventist Preschoolers

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3rd graders from Kanuikapono came to visit Makanalani. Their appreciation for their time at camp led them to donate a Koa tree to our farm. The Koa tree represents the warrior in the Hawaiian culture. The name the keiki chose for the tree was Kekumu, which encompasses many meanings; tree, teacher, source of peace, strength, knowledge, and grace. This gift meant so much to our ministry, and we are thankful to host this group every year.

This week’s interns of the week are Nick and Zion. Nick came to do the internship from North Carolina and Zion from Utah. These brave guys tackled the session being the only men for the last 3 months. They put in a lot of hard work on the farm days and were able to handle all of the crazy of being in community with so many women. We are so thankful for their time!

1. Can you give a brief summary about how you found out about the internship?
Z: “I learned about the internship because while my parents were in Kauai last year, they toured the farm.”
N: “My dad stayed at Makanalani when he responded to the flash floods in Kauai with Samaritans Purse, and through that found out about the internship.”

2. What have you been learning since you’ve arrived?
Z: “I have been learning a lot about stewardship and independence. It’s all about learning to take responsibility and do it on my own.”
​N: “Our ministry, relationships, and personal life are all direct results from our ‘cup.’ When it’s empty, we feel that, they see that, and we don’t shine. But when we are filled to the brim, we are at the point of “overflow” where we can pour into others to be good influences, to encourage, shine, love, and inspire.”

3. What has been one of your favorite things so far about the internship and the island?
Z: “The farm days. It’s cool to be outside and to work hard while enjoying nature.”
N: “Trinity Fitness has been my favorite part of the island. I am moving back on the island to live there long term. My favorite part of the internship has definitely been the people. You can do your devotions, work hard, and try to be a good person, but without the encouraging brothers and sisters in Christ around you, it’s very easy to accept defeat.”

​4. What has been the most challenging but rewarding?
Z: “Connecting with everyone else and letting people in on my struggles.”
N: “Having faith in God’s plan. Instead of trying to control situations myself, I’m trying to allow Him to guide me through it.”

​5. What would be your advice to someone interested in applying?
Z: “It’s hard, but that’s the point. It’s what makes it worth it.”
N: “Get vulnerable and be intentional about being uncomfortable. That’s when you will grow.”

A group of adorable preschoolers from Kahili Adventist School in Kapaa visited Makanalani. They were able to explore the property, visit with the animals, and learn from our cow expert and caregiver, Rich.

Our Mission: Giving children the seeds for growth as they experience the beauty of God’s creation and love.

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