What’s New… ​Ken-Yen Learning Center, Intern of the Week, & Kalaheo Missionary Women’s Retreat

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Ken-Yen Learning Center is a home-based curriculum that serves students around the island. They believe that students can successfully become great citizens of the world even through a non-traditional way of learning. Their curriculum focuses on developing spiritual, academic, and social lives of students. Some of these students were able to stay at Makanalani this week and enjoy some fun with one another.

This week’s intern of the week is Katie. Katie came to do Makanalani’s internship program from Northern California. She was in between semesters for school and was looking for her next step in life when she heard about Makanalani. She is such a positive asset to our program and team.

1. Can you give a brief summary about how you found out about the internship?
“One of my friends, Rebecca, vacationed to Kauai and met Jess (another intern). Jess explained the internship to her, and while she wasn’t interested, she felt she needed to keep the information. Later in the year, I was lost on my next step in life and she felt compelled to share the internship information with me.”

2. What has God been teaching you since you’ve arrived?
“God has been teaching me how to really just fall in love with Him and everything He has created. In the quiet of the morning I am able to just be with my creator of the universe. It is beautiful.”

3. What has been one of your favorite things so far about the internship and the island?
“My favorite thing about the internship is the community. I have met my closest friends here. Something so beautiful about the island is how simple everything is. Life is slow and everything is meaningful.”

​4. What has been the most challenging but rewarding?
“The most challenging thing was getting out of my comfort zone to leave my family and come to a place where I knew nobody. It has been most rewarding, because I have had to lean on the Lord and His love instead of love from others.”

​5. What would be your advice to someone interested in applying?
“Do it. If God wants you here, He will find a way. If you are even considering, just apply and pray about it. It is truly life changing.”

Women from Kalaheo Missionary Church came on a short retreat to Makanalani for relaxation, fellowship, and study.

Our Mission: Giving children the seeds for growth as they experience the beauty of God’s creation and love.

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