4th Annual Keiki Fun Day & 2nd Annual iSiva Youth Fire Knife Competition

This family fun day of events is brought to us by the KekuaAloha Foundation – God is love Foundation, something we all know as He loves us more than you can ever imagine. They hold events to bring communities together and closer to God and with all that they do they put God rightly first. Sometimes tackling subjects that people feel uncomfortable talking about they step up and take on these harder issues with events to raise awareness, and steer our young people towards God and on the right path for a Godly life.

Coming up is a full day of events on Saturday, March 30th, from Noon onwards it’s the 4th Annual Keiki Fun Day held at Kapaa Beach Park, with music, games, prizes, food and craft fair and Slide & Glide inflatable fun. Later the same day at 6:00 pm the 2nd Annual Youth “Burn Out Suicide”! Fire Knife Competition begins and you can enjoy all the thrills that that brings, along with a special guest exhibition by 2010 World Fire Knife champion Rex Tuimalu of Florida.

To find out more you can click here to be taken to the event page. And for more information on the KekuaAloha Foundation – God is love Foundation just click on their name.

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