What’s New… ​Kauai Bible College, Intern of the Week, and Makanalani’s Newest Calf

A group from Kauai Bible College stayed at Makanalani last week. They spent the weekend exploring the the property, visiting with the farm animals, and spending time fasting and praying. It was a pleasure to host them.

This week’s intern of the week is Elisabeth. Elisabeth is an avid surfer that came to do Makanalani’s internship program from SoCal. She has loved being on the island, enjoys her time off surfing, and is grateful for taking time away to get out of her comfort zone, live in community, and serve on Kauai.

1. Can you give a brief summary about how you found out about the internship?
“I knew 2 of the girls from the Fall session, and when I saw them serving in Hawaii I looked into the program and decided to just go for it and apply.”

2. What has God been teaching you since you’ve arrived?
“Patience…God knows I tend to be a little impulsive and being here has helped me work on waiting on the Lord and the plans that He has for me.”

3. What has been one of your favorite things so far about the internship and the island?
“Making memories with everyone is honestly my favorite part about being here. Whether it’s working on the farm, or surfing in Hanalei, we are always having fun and I wouldn’t trade that for the world.”

​4. What has been the most challenging but rewarding?
“Growing up with only brothers, I definitely was thrown out of my comfort zone living with 6 other girls in the intern house. Ironically, I fell in love with my ohana right away, and am now planning to live with some of them even after the internship ends.”

​5. What would be your advice to someone interested in applying?
My advice would definitely be to pray, and allow yourself to do something you normally wouldn’t do. Let God work wonders in your life and I promise you will forever be changed. :)”

Having numerous animals on our farm is such a joy. We recently had our newest heifer calf born the end of February; Butter. Her sweet mother is named Cream, and she is fitting right in with the herd.

Our Mission: Giving children the seeds for growth as they experience the beauty of God’s creation and love.

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