Makanalani Goals for 2019…

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New Year & Big Goals…
Makanalani Goals for 2019, & Spring Internship Serve Session Kick-Off

Makanalani goals for 2019:

We had a crazy and really good 2018 (see our year end newsletter), and our team is starting this new year with some ambitious new goals. Here are some of our bigger goals:

• Double our income and finally get Makanalani and its support infrastructure in the black and sustainable, with our camp still FREE for kids, always. Also included in this: By the end of the year our team aims to grow the income stream from our new restaurants to match the stream from the older restaurants that we established over 4 years ago.

• Add more recreational activities to Makanalani before summer, and also start the development of substantial additional recreational facilities on Makanalani for the visiting kids.

• For our emerging and very successful Alohalani intern program, we hope to add two exciting new facets:
Additional intern leadership to offload Chris and Rachel.
Start the one-year leaders sessions for the intern alumni who want to go further.

• Our final major goal for 2019 is to start construction on our next facility; one geared towards housing for long term Makanalani team members.

As we go through the year, we will keep you updated. Thanks for all of your support and prayers.
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The Alohalani internship program kicked-off their Spring 2019 serve session! We are super excited to have added a few new faces to our crew this session, along with many faces that returned back to the island to help continue the mission of Makanalani. We are eager to see what will be in store for the rest of the session.

Our Mission: Giving children the seeds for growth as they experience the beauty of God’s creation and love.

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