Have You Thought About New Years Resolutions?

Do you make New Years resolutions? For many of us the New Year feels like an ideal starting point to take on new challenges or to set personal ones. But it’s also ok if you don’t, while some people take comfort in planning things at the start of the new year, you can start or make a resolution at any time. Maybe you don’t feel like joining the gym right now as you recover from a winter cold, or there’s still family to see and food to share.

A resolution can be anything too, from vowing to exercise more, to taking the trash out before it starts to smell, to visiting more local food trucks or restaurants or shopping local. If you’re the more introverted type you can vow to read more – setting time aside each day to read your Bible, or joining online groups to share the Good News of Jesus.

One thing we can do as Christians though is make our resolutions ones that benefit others. You could vow to take on more responsibility at your church, or lead a youth group, spend time with others reading or sharing the Good News, or volunteer to help others with transport to church for example. Another way is through donations, and this is one very close to our hearts here at Makanalani. We are grateful to and use every penny we receive to keeping Makanalani open and FREE for all keiki to come and experience the pure joy of God’s great love for us all. We think that’s a pretty awesome resolution – and the Makanalani kids think so too.

If your resolutions run to making a donation to Makanalani then please, click here to be taken to our donations page.

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