Last Two Weeks at a Glance… Kaua’i Bible Church Family Festival, Farm Tour Field Trip, Manager of the Week, John Cruz Performance at Chicken in a Barrel, & Baby Livestock at Makanalani

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We all hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving! These last couple of weeks have been busy for Makanalani. We had so many great things going on but made sure to take some time to relax and enjoy a long and exciting weekend of celebrating the holiday with our intern Ohana while also decorating for Christmas. We have a few updates for you to enjoy! To start, Kaua’i Bible Church hosted their family festival. This festival is a charity outreach event that they put on to provide families with Thanksgiving dinners, clothing, and prizes. Prizes include grocery store gift cards, money towards utility bills, and gifts for the kiddos. They also provided lunch, shave ice, a classic car show, and face painting. All free of charge! This is their way of giving back to their community and church members during the holiday season.
Also, the Makanalani Farm had students from Kauai Christian Academy for a field trip. They took them on a farm tour and let them play with the animals. Enjoy lots of pictures below!

This week I’d like to introduce you to Josh Sabio & his wife, Jackie. He is the manager of the Chicken in a Barrel in Waimea. Josh and his wife have a heart for the gospel on Kauai. Their hearts are drawn towards helping west side kiddos and their families. He has put in countless hours on the job and we’re so thankful to have him on staff.

1. What brought you to Kauai and how did you get involved with Chicken in a Barrel? “I came to Kauai for my first semester of Bible college with Calvary Chapel. After that semester I decided to stay out for another year to be part of a youth ministry called On the Edge, and we hosted our camps at Makanalani. I left after a year to finish Bible college, and within the past year and a half I graduated, got married, moved back on the island, and started working with Makanalani. I have only recently got involved with Chicken in a Barrel. Before, I managed JoJo’s, and over these past 4 months I’ve had the amazing opportunity to manage Chicken in a Barrel.”

2. What has been your favorite part about managing? “My favorite part about managing has to be the people that I work with. As of now, I currently work with two of my best friends and I continue to make friends with all of my coworkers.”

3. What has been the most difficult? “The most difficult thing about managing has been my lack of experience. I’ve never managed a restaurant and I’m just learning as I go.”

4. How has being here impacted your life? “Being here in Kauai with my family has strengthened our desire to make Jesus known. We know people need Jesus everywhere, and although our hearts yearn to help families on the west side, I am able to impact others through work every day.”

The Chicken in a Barrel out in Waimea hosted special guest, John Cruz and Nic Castillo to perform at their restaurant! These island classics are amazing performers and a few of us got to meet and snap a couple pictures with the man himself!
I promised you baby livestock from the farm and we have plenty of adorable pictures for you!!

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