Last Week at a Glance… Our Newest Addition, Interns of the Week, & Fall Festival

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We had a new addition join us at the Makanalani farm last week. This young cow, also known as a heifer because she hasn’t been bred yet, will grow up and be part of our dairy herd. Bright Eyes was the name given to her, as she resembles the name so well and has a bright future ahead of her. Our current herd is heading towards being close to around 30 animals, including the steers. This is such a blessing for our farm!

This week I want to highlight two amazing ladies! Jessica and Taryn, best friends from SoCal, each bring such a unique attitude to our internship. We all love and appreciate their sense of humor, heart for serving, and their desire to adventure. Here is a little piece of their story and the impact this internship has had on them!

1. Can you give a brief summary about your friendship and how you both decided to do this internship?

T: “Jess and I actually got set up on a friend date by our moms in 9th grade and I owe my mom my life for it – our friendship has been the biggest blessing. Jess recently moved to Texas so it’s been so special to be in Hawaii together. I found out about the internship through a friend at bible college, looked into it, prayed, and decided to take the step of faith to come out to this little island. Best decision ever!!”
J: “It’s pretty funny how we met. Our moms served together at church and realized after talking to each other that their daughters had a lot of similar interests and needed more Christian friends. We were set up on a “blind play date,” we clicked instantly, and the rest is history. These similar interests also brought both of us to do the internship together!”

2. What has God been teaching you since you’ve arrived? ​

T: “God has been teaching me the value of slowing down and being still before Him. Its amazing how God is always faithful to meet us when we seek Him.”
J: “It’s been amazing to see how the Lord is working on me and growing me in ways I didn’t even expect. One of the biggest things He’s been showing me is to live in the NOW! It’s so easy to stress and dwell on the future but He’s been opening my eyes to what’s currently in front of me and to live fully in each moment!”

3. What has been one of your favorite things so far about the internship and the island?

T: “My favorite thing so far about the internship is the community we get to be part of. I’ve met some of the greatest people and I’m so grateful for their life-long friendships. As far as the island goes, there’s not one ugly spot on this little piece of earth called Kauai. I still don’t understand it.”
J: “The beaches and mountains are absolutely breathtaking and I love that I’m able to be surrounded by His creation daily. Doing new things around the island have been so cool. For example cutting down banana trees with a machete as part of our work on the tea farm is not on the everyday to do list, but between all of the service days it’s been so cool to visit new places and learn new skills/activities that I’ve never done before!”

4. What has been the most challenging but rewarding?

T: “The most challenging yet rewarding part so far has been the long days on the farm. They’re hot and tiring but it’s so cool to know that everything we do is an important piece of God’s work.”
J: “The most challenging yet rewarding part so far has probably been waking up early. I’m definitely not a morning person so having quiet time at 6:30 every day is hard but such a blessing. The Lord has shown me so much during that alone time spent with Him.”

5. What would be your advice to someone interested in applying?

T: “My advice to someone interested in the internship is to just do it! The greatest times of growth in my life have been when I’ve stepped out and done something out of my comfort zone. It’s an amazing opportunity that many people don’t get, so take advantage of it.”
J: “I would definitely encourage anyone who is wanting a chance to serve and grow in their walk to do this internship. It’s such a cool and unique experience that equips you as a person and servant. Plus, you get to live in Hawaii for 3 months while being surrounded by awesome like-minded people.”

Last week the interns got to take part of a fall festival community service project for Kauai Christian Academy. This is the biggest event of the year for the school. It is a great way to bring families together and enjoy some fun just before Halloween. We were able to help out by playing games with the kiddos, manage the petting zoo, and even serve up food in the kitchen. This was a huge opportunity to show the community the love of Jesus and to represent Makanalani well. We were able tell those that asked what we were all about, and spreading awareness of Makanalani’s impact on the island is a small but significant part of what is being done for the kingdom.

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