Creation and Dinosaurs

Who can’t fail to be intrigued by dinosaurs! These ‘terrible lizards’ are a fascinating part of our history here on earth and even more so on Kauai which has been the filming location for more than one dinosaur based movie!
But let’s talk about that name again, terrible lizards, there many be something more in that than you think. Just because man gives something name that doesn’t mean that that it is it’s correct name, or the name that God intended for His creation, while some might argue that dinosaurs aren’t mentioned in the Bible, behemoth’s and leviathan’s are, could this just be a case of misnaming by man?

Dinosaurs raise many questions, and that’s why we are delighted that Crossroads Christian Fellowship are hosting Creationist speaker Dave Woetzel (Dino Dave) on Friday, November 16th at Noon. You can find our more and how to attend the talk by visiting their Facebook page by clicking here. 

About ‘Dino Dave’ from his website, ‘Dino Dave Woetzel, cryptozoology researcher, published author, creation science speaker, and educator. Dave serves as President of Genesis Park, where it is his goal to reclaim the terrible lizards to the glory of our awesome Creator. Our natural fascination with the dinosaurian creatures should cause us to reflect on the power of God (Job 41:10).’

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