One Day Bible School

Reading the Bible is a massive undertaking which is why so many of us trust our family, teachers or Pastors to pick the most appropriate verses for us to hear and learn from. But reading it for ourselves is something a lot of us shy away from, this could be for many reasons: that we don’t feel ‘qualified’ to understand it all, that picking up such a important book feels intimidating, and also because it can be hard to understand even if you have a Bible written in a more modern tongue the older turns of phrase can still leave us confused.

Also reading the Bible is rather like opening a box of never ending spiritual surprises, one passage leads to another, raises a question on this subject, or makes you wonder how it relates to another passage and so on. This is where we wish we all had a personal spiritual advisor (we do) to answer all of our questions. While we might pray to find the answers to passages we were guided to read in the Bible we can also take a one day Bible school class to deepen our understanding, develop our personal relationship with God and help us lead more Godly lives.

It’s always hard to find extra time in this busy world, but nothing is more important than your personal relationship with God, and learning more about His most Holy Word will only strengthen that.

The One Day Bible School is being put on by Kauai Christian Fellowship and will be held at their South Campus on Saturday, 22nd September from 8:00 am until 4:00 pm. It costs $20 to attend and lunch is included, you may also pick from a list of subjects to learn from with fascinating teachers. To find out more click here to be taken to the event Facebook page.

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