‘These Wonderful People in Bright Orange Shirts’

The accents stood out as much as the shirts. In early May a team of volunteers from Samaritans Purse came to Kauai to assist with the clean up from the floods. While staying here with us at Makanalani these people worked tirelessly to help clean and repair homes so local residents could move back in.
We heard so much good news about all of the works they did but we loved the description of one homeowner who was cleaning when they turned around and were met by the sight of many people in bright orange shirts. All of whom had come to help. To say the response was overwhelmingly positive is an understatement. They were here to clean up the mold that had been steadily growing and used a non toxic mold cleaner that left homes spotless! Not only cleaning the homes but wiping down and replacing furniture when done.

And that’s not all, with the aid of a DC-8 loaded with supplies and prayer, drywall and roofs were repaired too. And all were gifted with a bible and invited to prayer.

Samaritans Purse is Franklin Graham’s organization and following the example of the good Samaritan they have spent over 40 years going to the aid of the sick and suffering.

Samaritans Purse have a video of the work they did on Kauai on their website, stating ’Samaritan’s Purse staff and volunteers are working on the island of Kauai to help homeowners after unprecedented flooding. Please pray for this response, our first ever in the Aloha State.’ click here to be taken to it to see their good work for yourself.

To find out more about these wonderful people and maybe donate your time or money to those that follow God’s message and help others, click here to be taken to their website.

The pictures you see with this post are taken from this video.

Mahalo and God bless the good people of Samaritans Purse for all they do.

Only God can turn a MESS into a MESSage, a TEST into a TESTimony, and a TRIal into a TRIumph

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