Happy Mother’s Day To All!

To all Mothers whether a mother to many or one, if your children have feathers or fur, or leafs of green, we wish you all a most beautiful Mother’s Day.
None of us would be here without the love, kindness and wisdom of our mother’s, always a guiding light in a child’s life and a source of knowledge until we grow up and even then we still need them, and more so when we become parents or mothers ourselves.

How many of us still call our mothers, grandmothers or aunties for advice? The simple things, ‘what temperature does lamb need to be cooked on?’ or ‘can I tumble dry this…’ we rely on them so much and they are always there for us.
So today on this day that we celebrate mothers let us see what we can do for them. There are the simple things like breakfast in bed, the daily chores being done for them, but let’s see how much of that we can incorporate into daily life, so that helping our others isn’t just a one day a year thing, but something we all strive to do daily, and let’s expand on that. Why just your mother, why not help out your grandmother, or a friends mother, or anyone that needs it. We know that mother would approve!

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