Christmas Carols

One of the things we love at this time of year is the chance to share the joy of Christ’s birth and the Glory of God with others. And one of the ways in which we can do this is by lifting our voices in song in praise of God.

Christmas carols have a long history, and did you know the word ‘carol’ means ‘dance or a song of praise and joy!’ And that the oldest known carol was written in 1410 but only a small fragment of it remains. The carol was about Jesus and Mary meeting different people in Bethlehem. Sadly we can only guess to its words now.

So this year why not start your own tradition of carols and write one of your own, it could be to the tune of one you know or if you’re blessed enough to be able to play an instrument you could write your own music too. Singing the praises of God with your family sounds a perfect way to spend the holidays to us. Happy Christmas!

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