The Joy of Affordable Reading

We love to read, and while we all have favorite books we like to revisit time and time again sometimes it’s nice to find something new.

A new genre, a series we’ve maybe heard of but never picked up, let’s be honest books don’t come free and here on our beautiful island they don’t live very long either. I’m sure we all have a well loved and showing it Bible nearby for example the pages spotted with damp and thin on the edges from fingers. But one of the many joys of living here is the benefits that tourism brings. Did you know that many visitors bring books to read on those long sunny beach days and once finished that they often donate them rather than carry then home, and that’s where we benefit.

Our library sales are often full of the latest blockbusters all available to purchase for a couple of dollars, and the upcoming Princeville Library Quarterly Used Book Sale on Saturday, June 3, from 10am-4 pm is one of our favorites. Not just because they allow all children to select one free book, and that they often have a pile of gently battered free books outside the doors, nor because it’s not just books but DVDs and CDs too, but because it is simply packed with over 10,000 books on all topics separated into many genres for our perusal.

The sales are a great way to pick up new titles for yourself, but also they can be just as useful for buying books for others. One of the greatest gifts is the ability to read and I think we can all picture one friend, or neighbor that might not get out so much now who might enjoy a gift of books, DVD’s or CDs.

If you find yourself overburdened with titles they also accept donations of books in good condition and they can be brought to the Library desk whenever the Library is open. If you’d like to find out more visit

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