Gift of Giving

One of the greatest gifts that you can give is that of charity, and as it’s the season of giving we thought we’d talk a little about that today.
Charity takes many forms, and is something that everyone can take part in, whether you’re rich or poor. Charity can be a smile, an offer to carry bags or hold a door for someone struggling, it doesn’t always have to be money.
One of the ideas we love is ‘shoeboxes’ this is when you take a shoe box (or one of similar size) and fill it with a variety of goods. Think of a neighbor who might appreciate a box full of simple goods, staples and toiletries, or there are charities like Samaritans Purse where they have Operation Christmas Child where they will guide you to fill a box with goods for a needy child.

It’s not to late to send one, or make you your own for someone in need. And remember prayers are a gift we can all appreciate too.

You can find out more about Samaritans Purse by clicking here.

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