Hawaii’s State Flower

Hibiscus are everywhere here on Kauai, wherever you go you are sure to see these bright flowers. Their glorious colors a reminder of the beauty of creation, and our Lord who loves us so much that he created this beautiful earth for us.

But did you know that Hawaii’s state flower is the yellow Hibiscus, also known as the pua aloalo or ma’o hau hele in Hawaiian? Well if so, did you also know that up until 1988 all colors of Hibiscus were accepted until it was changed to the native yellow? If you’ve seen older postcards and photographs, you may have spotted other the colors in them.

Appearing in a variety of shades from white, to pinks, orange, red, peach, yellow or purple, the flowers may only live a day or two on the bushes, but they bloom year round giving us another splash of color on beautiful Kauai.

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