Beautiful Piano Music

We hope that you had a blessed Sunday with family & friends.

Yesterday we told you about the Christian Music Daily channel on YouTube. We’ve really been enjoying the many options on this channel & we hope you are too.

Okanokumo means “clouds on the hills” in Japanese. These beautiful pieces certainly reflect that & it’s 3 full hours of beautiful music so you can go about your tasks with these relaxing songs in the background.

part1  00:00〜 sunset wave
part2  11:52〜 morning beach
part3  20:53〜 wild flower
part4  30:48〜 quiet lake
part5  42:02〜 cherry blossoms
part6  56:49〜 full moon and night sea
part7  1:08:18〜 sentimental autumn
part8  1:18:28〜 lake breeze
part9  1:29:27〜 misty forest
part10  1:39:05〜 autumn lake
part11  1:47:44〜 moving sunset
part12  1:54:28〜 big tree
part13  2:04:56〜 flower of the seashore
part14  2:14:51〜 sea clouds
part15  2:23:26〜 spring fields
part16  2:36:27〜 touching sunrise
part17  2:47:31〜 fresh green
part18  2:55:01〜 The sea of recollections

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