Fathers in the Bible

We hope that you had a glorious & inspiring Sunday… & are looking forward to father’s day next Sunday. Whether you are a father, son or daughter or wife, fathers are so important to any family.

As you know, we like to look into what the Bible says on various subjects &, of course, it has much to say about fathers, both earthly &, of course, Our Father in heaven.

Just as Even was the first mom, Adam was the first dad. We read of Adam & his struggles in the book of Genesis. It was his loneliness & God’s compassion that inspirited the creation of Eve, his love & helpmate. He was also the one who named all of the animals & cared for them as well as the plants in the garden. It is not too far a stretch to say that Adam was the first farmer.

We learn from Adam the value of obedience, but obedience out of love, & that God knows all, both our actions & what is in our hearts.

Genesis 4:1 and 4:2 we read of the births of Cain & Seth… & we can only think of how sad Adam must have been at the death of Abel at his brother’s hand. Even in the very first family, we see that most intense tragedy of a child dying before his parents… But children are the joy of a father’s heart as well, & always worth the tribulations.

We don’t know from the bible the names of all the children of Adam, but we do know that he lived 930 years & had many other sons & daughters… truly the father to us all, through the grace of Our Lord.

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