A Spiritually Inspired Walk in Nature

As you no doubt know if you have ever visited Kauai, we are blessed with an abundance of natural beauty, including Kokee State Park, the “Grand Canyon of the Pacific”.

This is actually an event that we heard about too late, but we thought it was such a good idea that we wanted to tell you about it anyway in the hopes that it would inspire more like it wherever you happen to reside.

ReSource for Christian Spiritually is in the midst of a 5 day Sacred Walk in Kokee.

Their goals are to:

  • Explore what’s real in our life
  • Consider what God and Jesus mean  to you
  • Notice and experience the Holy Spirit  in your life
  • Discover and reflect upon your  unique God-given gifts
  • Begin to see where God maybe calling you in Christian service to others.

If you would like to know more,we’re sure Rev. Phyllis Meighen would be happy to answer any questions about the way or how to set up one of your own when she returns on the 16th. Her number is: (808) 647-4346 or email spirituality@stmichaels-kauai.org.

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