Mothers in the Bible

A little while ago we did a series of posts about women in the Bible. There are a surprising number of powerful & important women in scriptures — well, perhaps not really that surprising, since women are so important, but we just don’t hear that much about them for some reason.

But what about mothers? Of course the Blessed Mary is the primary woman & primary mother, because what could be more important than giving birth to Our Lord, but there are other mothers worthy of note as well.

So let us start at the beginning with Eve, the first mother.

Of course Eve made that one huge mistake that all of mankind paid for until Christ came to save us… but that mistake should not overshadow that she was a wife, a mother, & the one who gave birth to us all, ultimately.

As the Bible puts it:

“Adam called his wife’s name Eve; because she was the mother of all living.”
— Gen. 3:20

And Eve certainly went through a lot, that apple aside. She knew the heartache of a son gone bad in Cain & the even greater heartache of the loss of a son in Abel, but she also knew the complete joy of Seth, who would be the distant ancestor of Jesus.

What would life have been like there in the Garden with her loving Adam? How wonderful must those early days of plenty before sin entered the world.

And, of course, Eve left us with an important lesson. Be cautious, be discerning, do not believe those who would lead you from the path of righteousness. And that is very much what mothers do; they teach us how to live a good life, if we only listen.

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