Shoes for the Makanalani Kids!

Last summer around 4th of July weekend we found a wallet outside JoJo’s Shave Ice when we were down there working.  I was concerned about getting the wallet back as soon as possible to the owner so that he would not have a problem with ID and traveling back to the mainland, so I went online and found his contact information and where he worked.  Anyway to make this shorter, we were able to get a message to him and he was able to get his wallet back.  He and his family then came to Makanalani to visit us and see what we do. We shared with him that many of the youth that come to camp do not own closed shoes.  (Closed toed shoes are good to wear around horses and donkeys!)
Many months went by and we did not hear from him, but that Fall he made a very generous donation to Makanalani Kids so that we could purchase shoes for the kids that come to camp.  Wow, we were blown away by his generosity.  He really made a huge contribution and provided everyone with a pair of shoes and socks.  We were able to launch this project at the Spring camps and as you can see by the video how excited everyone was.  These 9th graders were from Kauai and Oahu and were so blessed.  Right after that camp the teen moms from Oahu were also blessed with shoes and socks.
Payless in Kauai were fantastic!  They helped us get everyone in the right size shoe and were so patient and supportive.  We will continue with this project in summer and make sure that everyone who attends camp will receive the shoes and socks too.
Craig R. from Utah and was our generous donor.  He has blessed so many kids and made a huge difference.

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