4 Reasons to Celebrate Earth Day

We’ve talked about Earth Day as a celebration of God’s creation in previous posts. We also found this article on crosswalk.com which we think is worth a read. It talks for four specific reasons that Christians should support Earth Day:

  • We are called to connect to our neighbors.
  • We are called to demonstrate our thankfulness.
  • We are called to good stewardship.
  • We are called to pursue the common good.

We had not considered it from the perspective of community, but, of course, sharing with others & working together are very good reasons to support Earth Day activities, as well as gratitude & stewardship of our wonderful gift from the Lord.

We especially love this quotation from Todd Pruitt:

“There are times when we have not dealt well with the trash we produce. Sometimes we have been downright destructive. Certain parts of the earth bear the mark of humanity’s foolishness in this regard. This most certainly is bad. In fact, for stewards to treat poorly the property they are called to care for is sin. Sin has tarnished everything in God’s good creation. The fall of man was so profound that it left nothing on the earth untouched. We are told that the whole creation groans under the weight of it all (Rom 8:21-22).”

So, leading up to Earth Day & every day, help lift the burden of the earth & help all to repent by caring for that which we have been given & all too often sadly abuse.

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