Hannah & Her Son

Continuing our investigation of women in the Bible, we bring you Hannah, who was barren.

In the Book of Samuel we have the story of Hannah, one of Elkanah’s two wives. The other wife, Peninnah, had children, but poor Hannah remained childless. Despite this, her husband preferred Hannah.

Although she was loved & cared for, this situation was not acceptable to Hannah, so she went to the temple to pray to The Lord. She asked God to give her a son & vowed that if her prayer were answered her son would become a priest & serve The Lord all of his life.

Well, Hannah’s pray was indeed answered & she bore Samuel. True to her promise, she brought him to the temple along with a sacrifice & Samuel spent his days in service to the God who had so generously given him life.

Hannah, like Abigail, is consider a prophetess who can foretell history. And, for her own history, she went on to produce for her husband three more sons & two daughters, showing the bounty of The Lord indeed.


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