Christian Monday

Well, it’s Monday again… but we can’t really complain because we love what we do every day, & anyway farmers don’t get weekends off. Still, Monday has meaning for a lot of people who do work regular hours we know.

Sunday, is, of course, our favorite time of the week, when we get to gather with friends & neighbors & worship in community. Everyone knows what it means to be a Christian on Sunday… but what about Monday? Do we carry over our commitments made on Sunday to serve our fellow man, to be giving & loving & to so our best to walk in the footsteps of Christ, or do we somehow forget all that was said by the pastor only a day ago?

We thought we’d look for a little inspiration & found this article which we enjoyed, so we’re sharing it here with you. It’s short — perfect for a Monday — but just in case you’re extra extra busy, here’s a short excerpt:

Peter and Paul place great weight on how husbands, wives, and children in a family should treat each other with love and respect as well as how we should behave reliably, with honesty and righteousness as employees and employers in our workplaces.

We couldn’t agree more. We are, always & in every way, a representative of our faith & of our God. Remembering this can make Mondays brighter, not just for ourselves, but for everyone we meet.

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