Have you seen the movie Risen yet? Well, don’t feel bad if not… neither have we. Films don’t always arrive right away on our little island.

Anyway, we’re sure that you’re as intrigued by this new movie about the resurrection of Christ as we are. The idea of telling the story through the eyes of a doubter is, we think, a wonderful idea in today’s world.

While we were trying to find out more about the film, we can across this article where Joseph Fiennes talks not only about making the movie, but about what it mean to him and may mean to us.

Read the full article here — a quotation from it is below to wet your appetite.

“I love the component that he might be in every man for people to hang their own position of faith on him or look at that conversation through him. Here’s a man that gets to witness the resurrection first hand and then the next day he says to Peter when they’re on their journey in Galilee, ‘Maybe it was a trick? Does he have a twin brother?’ He can’t shut off this intellectual noise and I think that’s true of a lot of us and I think that noise, maybe there’s another word for it. Maybe it’s doubt and it’s something that we’re all subject to.”

Now if Hollywood would just make more films like this!

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