An Angel Giver

OK, we know that people are not really angels… but sometimes someone comes so close that the word seems appropriate.

One such person is Marty Burbank. This attorney has pledged a cool million dollars to put an entire class of kindergarten students, 26 students in all, all the way through college. For most of the students, they will be the first in their families to go to college at all.

Can you imagine the hope these children, to know that if they work hard & study & learn that they will be given a college education? We think this along makes Mr. Burbank close to an angel. Hope is so very very important — it’s what we do at Makanlanai as well — just letting children & youth know that there is more out there then they may see in their every day lives; that they can do more, be more, experience more.

And, you may ask yourself, what inspired Mr. Burbank to make this fabulous gift? Well, we’re sure that you will not be surprised to know that the thought came to him after a sermon at his church. Before that he & his wife were going to buy a boat… but now they will have a true legacy that goes on for years & generations to come.

You can read more about Mr. Burbank & his amazing gift here. We hope that it inspires you as it does us.

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