We Love Nature, & It Should Be for Everyone

So much of who we are a Makanalani is about loving the natural world & appreciating God’s great creation… but what if you just can’t get outside?

We started to wonder about people who are not able to get out into the woods & fields & what can be done for them & we can across this wonderful group, The Nature Connection.

The work with at-rick youth, elders & people with disabilities to bring the outdoors in. Their program include activities with natural materials & even live animals.

We know that nature can be a great source of healing, that sometimes it can provide more than all the physicians in the world. A program that brings nature to those most in need & yet most unlikely to be able to get out & explore touches us deeply.

The program was found in 1983 & had been doing their good works ever since. The visits are regular too – every few weeks – so friendships can be forged both with the animals & with the generous volunteers who make the visits. They visit hospitals, residential schools, at-risk youth programs, special needs facilities, nursing homes, and Alzheimer’s care programs.

We would love to see more programs of this type throughout the country. It seems such a perfect way to bring the love of God to those in need, while providing comfort & healing as well.

Here’s a bit about the animals — as you can see, they use a wide variety. We we amused to see crabs, hedgehogs & turkeys in the mix. The Nature Connections visits must really be fun. Heck, they even bring garden snails!

We think this program shows what can be done with good will & some creativity. It’s not always about what resources you have, but how you use those resources.

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