Ways to Help the Poor

Yesterday we shared a few of our favorite verses from the Bible about the poor… but what can we do to help?

Of course there are many wonderful Christian organizations out there who do great things, but we were thinking today of things more personal. Something that you & your family & neighbors can do in your community.

The first place to start is the Church, as always. It is there that we find those who are one with us in Christ & who have the same values & goals. So many Churches on Kauai literally practice what they preach in helping those less fortunate. They hold free meals, outreach programs, clothing drives & so much more. All of these things can make a huge difference in the community.

But outside of the Church & it’s fellowship, what can you do?

Sometimes it’s a simple as giving a bit of food or money to a family that you know are struggling. Even hand me down clothing & toys can be a great blessing to those without. Or a ride to the food pantry or a shopping trip to the local charity shop. Often being poor also means being isolated without means of transportation. Just offering a ride can help a family get needed essentials & also provide a welcome day out & a new perspective.

Offer spiritual support. We’re not talking preaching here, but listening. When we’re at our lowest, sometimes a sympathetic ear is the greatest of gifts. And, for a Christian, we have the wisdom of Christ within us to offer comfort & support in whatever way most serves the individual. Listen, ask, respond to what you are learning, not just what you think the person needs, & you can do a wonderful amount of good in just a few minutes.

And, of course, prayer. Whatever small actions we can take on this earth, they are always supported, bolstered up & made more effective through prayer. God knows your compassionate heart & if you ask sincerely & with humility how you can help, the answers will be given in a way that enriches your life & the lives of all of those around you.

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