Our Whales have Returned!

Every year on Kauai one of the great moments is the return of the humpback whales. The mothers start coming in November to give birth to their calves, but it is this time of year that things really pick up on the whale front.

On Saturday, January 9 from 3-5 pm there will be a Welcome the Whales celebration on Kealia Bluff just north of Kapa‘a.

Bring songs, drums, music, poems and talk story for the whales!

These beautiful cetaceans are amazing creatures. To think that God could make something so perfect to grace the oceans. Of course as with so many species man has put them in danger, but we find hope that through His goodness the whales & all the other creatures will flourish for many years to come.

The video here is from Na Pali Riders. It is our way to share the wonder of these whales with those of you throughout the world.

For more information call 337-9977, or email KoholaLeo@gmail.com or see the website at www.whalevoice.org


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