New Year’s Resolutions

As we embark on the new year we are often encouraged to make resolutions. Plans, perhaps, to be better people, to do good for ourselves, our families & our communities.

Of course, as everyone knows, new year’s resolutions are seldom met… Thousands of comedians make their living because of this simple fact of human nature. But why is this? What can we do to make our resolutions more achievable? Perhaps the fault is not so much in our will as in the nature of the resolutions themselves.

The common sort of resolution is to lose weight, to exercise more, to finishing those projects around the house that just never seem to get done… but what do these amount to really? What would be better in the world if they are all accomplished? Maybe our resolutions need to be different, not so self centered, something that would make Jesus smile.

Consider if you make a resolution to be kinder to your neighbors & to reflect on God’s love each time you speak to one of them. What could be easier to achieve? And also, what could do more to make the world a better place? Granted that this is a small thing, but on small things is built the tower that is the Glory of God. Each time we stop to reflect on His Love, we make the world that much better, that much kinder, that much more loving. Sharing this kindness with others in the steps of our Gentle Lord is, perhaps, the most that any of us can hope to attain in this brief life on earth. But know that each time we have gratitude in our hearts it brings us closer to Heaven & our eternal reward.

Of course, salvation is not built on works, but works, good works, from the smallest to larger endeavors, allow us to honor Christ every day.

So think about those resolutions you may have just made, or if you procrastinate like us, are thinking of making. Think how those resolutions could help others & how they can bring you closer to God. We think you may find these resolutions both easier to keep & much more rewarding when you reflect on all that you have done at the end of the year.

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