After Christmas Joy

Have you recovered from your celebrations? Are the wrappings all cleared, the dishes done, the turkey sliced ready for those delicious sandwiches to come? We aren’t either…

There is a certain reluctance to let go of Christmas. It is such a special day & like little children, we find ourselves pining for the day past & already looking forward to next year. The concerts are sung, the comestibles consumed, friends & family are back home… we can be left with a feeling of emptiness… but, of course, this is an illusion, for Christ is always with us.

We like to reflect on what this day meant all those years ago. An innocent child born in a manager, noticed by only a few… but a child who would change the world forever & bring the ultimate blessing on all who were to be born. A child, that as he grew in body & in wisdom, would come to know who he really was & the power that he alone possessed… & would come to use that power for good, for peace, for love even in the face of violent opposition. What strength that child must have possessed, even as a baby, to defy the very world itself to bring the message of His Father to us all.

So, we like to think of this day after Christmas as only the beginning. It is now, in His first day on our earth, that Jesus power begins to grow, that it starts to take root in our hearts, filling us with joy & gratitude. From baby to young man to ultimate loving sacrifice for you & I, there has never been a greater gift than this life that is just now beginning.

May you grow in love for God & for your fellow humans every day of this year, just as Jesus grew to fulfill his destiny. And may you be blessed to spread The Word of this great love wherever you find yourself in the following year. We at Makalani wish you the very best of everything for you & yours.

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