Keeping Christ in Christmas

We’re sure this is a subject that we will address throughout this glorious Christmas season. It is something that cannot be emphasized enough.

Today, we were contemplating what does the phrase really mean? How can we keep Christ in Christmas? Are there actual actions we can take? What can we do ourselves, with our families & with our communities to make sure that we do not forget the reason for the season?

In looking around, we found this very practical list from We really like their suggestion & thought you would too. You can check the site for more details, but here, briefly are the suggestions with some of our comments.

  1. Give God one very special gift just from you to him

    The site suggests something personal, & not necessarily physical. In addition to the suggestions you will find there, we thought writing an original prayer or song of worship might be appropriate. Of course, any act of kindness, no matter how small, is a gift to God for the many blessings He has bestowed upon us.

  2. Set aside a special time to read the Christmas story in Luke 1:5-56 through 2:1-20

    What delight there is in sharing this wonderful story with the family. It is, very literally, a story that never gets old, & perfect for raising lagging spirits after too much Christmas rush.

  3. Set up a Nativity scene in your home

    A great suggestion & the site even has a link to nativity related crafts.

  4. Plan a project of good will this Christmas

    As mentioned above, all good deeds are a gift to God. Having a tradition of a special Christmas good will project can be something that your family looks forward to & plans early in the season, & it’s a great opportunity for everyone to be involved.

  5. Take a group Christmas caroling in a nursing home or a children’s hospital

    Raising your voices in songs of praise is so delightful. And when you can share that delight with those in need, even more so.

  6. Give a surprise gift of service to each member of your family

    We thought this one was especially fun. In a season that is so often awash in physical gifts, sometimes a gift of service an be the very best gift of all, whether ti’s washing the car, doing the vacuuming, running an errand, reading a story. There are so many gifts of service that we can give to our loved ones — gifts that are truly from the heart.

  7. Set aside a time of family devotions on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning

    This seems obvious… but how many of us get caught up in the excitement of the day &, well, just forget? Take the time to share with your family the true meaning of the holiday & it will make the gifts & feasting all the more satisfying.

  8. Attend a Christmas church service together with your family

    Fellowship is one of the great gifts of the Christian life. And attending church on Christmas, with the extra decorations & beautiful music shared among friends is a special event.

  9. Send Christmas cards that convey a spiritual message

    We will admit, we love cute Christmas cards… & sometimes the spiritual ones we find are a bit solemn for such a glorious occasion. It’s worth spending the time, we think, to find a card that is both happy & conveys the message of hope & joy to the world.

  10. Write a Christmas letter to a missionary

    We would add to this, or a service member. It is hard being away from home, family & friends at Christmas. Recognize those who are doing good in the world & let them know they are not forgotten.

And, mostly, enjoy yourself, your family & all the blessings that knowing Christ brings.

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