The Purpose of Gratitude

The question of why we are here is one that puzzles many people, but for the Christian the answer is easy, or at least it should be. We are here to glorify God. There can be no higher purpose.

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, it is worth taking the time to contemplate the true reason we are grateful & to wonder if we are really as grateful as we might be.

Take some time in your busy schedule to take a walk, maybe with your family, maybe alone, & notice, really notice, the glory of all that surrounds you. Examine the small flower, then look closer & the perfection of the veins in its petals & the beauty of its scent.

Perhaps you will find a tiny courageous weed cracking through the pavement. Think of the strength & the faith needed for such a teeny thing to undertake such a task.

Look to the sky, ever changing, life-giving, nourishing all that grows upon the earth.

It is all God, for God is everywhere. He smiles down upon you even in those times when you feel most lost & glories in your triumphs & pleasures.

Enjoy your family, enjoy your Thanksgiving feast, & enjoy them all the more knowing that they are a gift to you from the Most Glorious One.

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