The Missionary’s Horse

Just a joke for today, because humor is one of the many great gifts of God.

A poor fellow found himself lost in the desert. He walked for days & days, finding no hint of civilization. Finally, he saw a small house on the horizon.

As he hurried towards his salvation, he noticed that it was a farmstead, & that there was a horse grazing in the paddock. A horse! Not only could he get food & water, but maybe he could get back to civilization.

He knocked on the door, barely able to hold himself up, so exhausted & dehydrated was he. The door was answered by a kindly old man, who explained as he nursed the man back to health that he was a missionary.

When he had regained his abilities, the lost man said, “I appreciate your care. You have truly been a God send to me. May I ask of you one more boon? May I borrow your horse to go into town? Is there a place there where I could leave it for you?”

Touched by the man’s sincerity, the missionary replied, “Of course, my son, you may borrow my horse. Just leave it with my friend Jed. Anyone can tell you where he lives. He will be happy to bring him back to me.”

The young man was so excited at the thought of seeing his friend & family again after so many days that he was hardly paying attention as the missionary continued, “But two things you must know about this horse. Instead of saying “giddiup” to make him go, you must say “thank God” & instead of “whoa” to make him stop, you say “amen.”

Nodding his understanding, the man followed the missionary outside where the horse was saddled & bridled & he was given a boost onto its back. Remembering the missionary’s words, he bid the kind man goodbye & said, “Thank God.” The horse began to walk away.

Impatient, the man said, “Thank God” again & the horse obediently broke into a trot. Pleased with his results, he said “Thank God” two more times & the horse was in a full gallop, the countryside streaming by.

All was well until he noticed the edge of a cliff all to rapidly approaching. Panicked, the man cried, “Whoa, stop, hold, stop, stop stop!” The horse continued to rush toward their doom. Finally he remembered & shouted “Amen!” at the top of his lungs. The horse skidded to a stop at the very edge of the cliff.

Relieved beyond reckoning, the man wiped his sweating brow, & said, “Thank God.”

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