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We are so excited to have a children’s bookstore on Kauai now… but there are many books that they won’t be able to stock, so here on our little island, as well as for those of you in the wider world, we will still be depending on online resources for books not in stock.

We thought we’d take a bit of time over the next few days to review some Christian books aimed specifically at youth. These are valuable resources & also make wonderful gifts. With Christmas coming up, you may want to include some of them for the young people on your list.

And to start with the fun, how about games for those youth get togethers? We’ve found that games are excellent for creating enthusiasm & team spirit, & new & exciting game ideas are alway welcome.

And a gentle reminder… if you like any of these books & think they would be useful to you or someone you know, please click the link. Makanalani makes a little money off anything you buy here & 100% of that money goes directly to Makanalani Kids.

On the Spot, No-Prep Games for Youth Ministry

20 games that require no set up & are quick & easy to play. The games themselves are only 15 minutes long, so they are perfect for setting up a meeting, breaking the ice, & getting everyone in the right mood to contribute.

It’s a short book, but that just makes it more useful… after all, who has time to wade through pages & pages when there is a group of enthusiastic kids wanting to play?

Has your group played all of the games in this first book? Do you need more?

Well, the next recommendation has over 200 games, so party on!

Best-ever Games for Youth Ministry

A much more extensive games book. Some of the games here do require prep although not much, & the book is set up to be very useful & makes it easy to find exactly what you need in the moment.

It has tips on many things, including getting kids to participate (we’ve all run into this problem, haven’t we?), cooperating in games vs. competitiveness, special needs, every levels, how much space you’ll need & much much more.

And one final suggestion…

GroupBuilder Games and Activities for Youth Ministry

A perfect resource for building cooperation & self confidence. This book can help make your group tighter & more focused. And we have to admit, we just love the cover…

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