Kid’s Programs at the Kauai Humane Society

Did you know that the Kauai Humane Society has programs just for kids? We didn’t either, but they do!

Every Saturday from noon to 3 pm during the school year young people from 8-17 can get hands-on experience in animal care & learn more about how the Society operates. The latest program just started this week, so if you’re interested, contact, or call Jonny at (808) 632-0610, extension 103.

The Society also has programs for schools, including safety around dogs, basic pet care & animal related careers, as well as high school community service.

And finally the program that most touches our hearts, Foster & Friends. This is an eight-week course specifically for teens living in foster homes. Each young person is parted with a mentor at the Humane Society to help socialize & care for the animals. It provides real world work experience in animal care.

To participate in or find out how you can support any of these programs, contact Jonny at or 632-0610 ext 103.

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